iManage IT Business Solutions specialise in network auditing and appraisal services.

Network audits involve the on-site examination of your currently installed equipment, operating system(s) and application software.

As part of the audit, we will assess every piece of equipment in your network. The depth of the audit will depend on time constraints and the number of machines to be reviewed.

The audit aims to provide independent recommendations for the modification/upgrade or repair of your existing computer systems. This is to resolve current inadequacies and provide scope for future system growth.

No adjustments are conducted by the Engineer as part of the audit. This policy ensures that any arrangements (or warranties) that are in place are not jeopardised in any way by the review.

The audit is conducted in three parts:

1. Client Consultation – we will spend time with you before starting the audit, to find out your needs, expectations and any shortfalls you feel may already exist in the network environment.

2. Data Collection – we will then assess and record information on all hardware and software in use in the network environment. This includes all servers, network infrastructure, network peripherals and (time permitting) as many PCs and notebooks as possible.

3. Audit Report – Finally, we will create a report detailing the network environment. Based on this information and your expectations, recommendations will be presented.

Generally a network audit requires 8 hours to complete. This is broken down into two major parts, onsite data collection and offsite report generation.

The 8 hours will be credited back to you If you choose to take on board all recommendations put forth in the Network Audit Report.

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